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Courtney Love Plastic Surgery Before And After Botox | Facelift

Courtney Love has a storied past. One of the shockers, coming from her soon to be released autobiography, is the plastic surgery (facelift, Botox) she had at a very young age. Though it’s no surprise that Love went under the knife, it is shocking to learn that she had a full facelift at the ripe, young age of 35. At that point, Love was in a downward spiral after the suicide of her famous husband, Kurt Cobain. She was living large, and it was showing. In an attempt to right the ship, and her dirtied reputation, Love turned to plastic surgery. Too much plastic surgery. Admitting that she went too far, Love told People magazine she took advice from an unlikely source. “Nobody ask me about aging gracefully, pleeease. 'C'mom, I took advice from Goldie Hawn when she said I should get a facelift at 35!” 

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Courtney Love Plastic Surgery

This picture shows Courtney Love today. Admittedly she looks better, younger and healthier in her forties, than she did in her rough twenties. Though it’s doubtful this positive change is due completely to her plastic surgery. Love’s new lifestyle deserves most of the credit.

courntey love after facelift