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Cybill Shepherd Plastic Surgery Before And After Facelift

Former cover girl Cybil Shepherd denies having had any plastic surgery. There's before and after pictures that try to prove she had a facelift, but it's all speculative. In a talk with Oprah she admits to the pressures placed on her over the years to maintain her youthful appearance.

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cybil shepard plastic surgery

Cybil Shepherd confessed that even she couldn’t live up to the images she saw of herself. She has stated that after seeing her own touched up cover photos, she would berate herself for not looking as good in real life. This before and after picture shows how the actress has aged gracefully. 

cybil shepard facelift

This picture of Cybil Shepherd shows that the actress is not afraid to age naturally. She has lines in places where most people her age have lines. It's refreshing to see a celebrity to opt out of plastic surgery, but let's just see if it stays that way.

cybill shepard

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Cybill Shepherd Plastic Surgery

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