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Dannii Minogue Plastic Surgery Before And After Nose Job

Dannii Minogue has had a tough go of it in the press. The media hasn't been kind about her plastic surgery choices and her nose job. The singer-songwriter, with the more famous singer-songwriting sister (Kylie Minogue) has worked hard to stay famous. She’s appeared on television in soaps and in The X Factor, she’s appeared in Australian Playboy, and of course, she sings. Along the way, she’s made some changes to help her stage presence. And the response isn’t all that positive. 

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dannii minogue plastic surgery

This before and after picture shows Dannii Minogue’s new nose, and what’s at the center of the bad press. The changes she made to the tip of her nose, making it pointed almost like a beak, are extreme.

dannii minogue nose job