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Denise Richards Plastic Surgery Breast Implants | Nose Job | Breast Reduction

Denise Richards admits to having plastic surgery prior to her career-making role in "Wild Thing." She's had a nose job, breast implants and a breast reduction. Richard’s claims the initial breast implants were far larger than she’d asked for. Something that bothered her, but also may have made all the difference in launching her career. 

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denise richards plastic surgery

Denise Richards opted to have a breast reduction after receiving breast implants that were larger than what she’d chosen. These before and after pictures seem to show that the actress then opted for plastic surgery once again to increase her breast size once again. 

denise richards breast implants

Denise Richards doesn’t talk about it, but this early picture of the actress puts any speculation about a nose job to rest. The picture shows a much broader, less sculpted, less picture-perfect nose than she has today.

denise richards before nose job

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