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Elizabeth Hurley Plastic Surgery Before And After Botox

Elizabeth Hurley is a stunner. Though it's believed that her good looks are natural, it's rumored she's retaining them with plastic surgery, specifically Botox. The almost fifty year old, still looks as good as she did in her twenties. She doesn’t admit to using Botox, but that’s not a surprise. The British actress had been tied to the cosmetic company Estee Lauder since she was 29 years old. Surely it’s better for business if the make-up and lotions can be (at least partially) credited for Hurley’s great complexion. 

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elizabeth hurley plastic surgery

This before and after picture of Elizabeth Hurley shows that her face hasn’t changed much in the last two decades. This is probably due to use of Botox. 

elizabeth hurley botox

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Elizabeth Hurley Plastic Surgery

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