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Fergie Plastic Surgery Nose Job | Botox | Breast Implants

Hip hop artist, Fergie, has had several plastic surgery procedures including a nose job, breast implants and Botox. The female vocalist for The Black Eyed Peas has kept herself in great performance shape, but she’s also had the help of good plastic surgeon.

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fergie plastic surgery

In this before and after picture you can see the difference to Fergie’s nose post nose job. Her nose is now narrower.

fergie nose job

The biggest change Fergie made with plastic surgery is her breast size. This picture shows Fergie pre and post breast implants. 

fergie breast implants

Fergie also appears to be using Botox. As this before and after picture shows, there are times when Fergie’s smile lines are less visible. She also has the frozen-face look of someone using Botox.

fergie botox

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