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Hilary Duff Plastic Surgery Breast Implants | Nose Job | Teeth

Hilary Duff was more than a child star; she was a Disney Channel star. So when she got plastic surgery, moms weren't happy. (breast implant, nose job, teeth) This isn’t a new storyline. Many child stars struggle to make the leap to adulthood, and bring their audience along with them. Likely, Duff’s fans would have been fine with her rumored nose job and the work she had done on her teeth. But when she got breast implants, moms no longer liked the lesson Duff was potentially teaching their children.

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hilary duff plastic surgery

This before and after picture of Hilary Duff shows the difference post-breast implants. Hard to miss the change.

hillary duff breast implants

Although Hilary Duff’s teeth seemed pretty perfect before her dental work, it appears the actress and singer opted for veneers.

hilary duff teeth

It’s also rumored that Hilary Duff has had a nose job. Pictures like this before and after do appear to support that rumor. Duff’s nose now looks much narrower, and more pointed, at the tip.

hilary duff nose job