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Jennifer Connelly Plastic Surgery Before And After Nose Job | Breast Reduction

Jennifer Connelly has had the typical, and the not so typical, plastic surgery. The typical; she had a nose job. The not so typical; a breast reduction. Connelly began her career as a teen model who, undoubtedly landed jobs thanks to her ample chest size. But when she decided she wanted a serious acting career, she decided she needed to drop the vixen image, and along with it, a few cup sizes. This was probably a wise move since, though she’s always cast as a beauty, she hasn’t been pigeon holed into just sexy roles. 

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jennifer connelly plastic surgery

This before and after picture of Jennifer Connelly shows the changes in her nose since her early modeling days. Before her plastic surgery, the tip of Connelly’s nose was more bulbous. 

jennifer connelly nose jobjpeg

This picture shows the rather extreme change to Connelly’s figure following her breast reduction.

jennifer connelly breast reduction

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Jennifer Connelly Plastic Surgery

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