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Jennifer Garner Plastic Surgery Nose Job | Breast Implants | Botox | Teeth

There’s a lot of speculation surrounding Jennifer Garner and plastic surgery. It's said she has had a nose job, breast implants, dental work and Botox injections. The actress doesn’t admit to any of it, and really other than dental work, there aren’t many photos to support the claims. Even in this before and after picture of a young Garner, only her teeth appear to have changed.

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jennifer garner plastic surgery

This before and after picture of Jennifer Garner shows what an impact the dental work has made to her overall appearance. Pre-dental work, Garner was all gums when she smiled. 

jennifer garner teeth

It’s not difficult to believe that Jennifer Garner would be using Botox. Many actresses and models in the public eye do. It’s possible though, that this early-40’s actress isn’t having Botox injections. At least, if she is, she’s using it sparingly. 

jennifer garner botox