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Joan Rivers Plastic Surgery Before And After Facelift | Botox

Joan Rivers doesn’t hide her plastic surgery--not that she could. The comedian has completely changed her face with facelifts, Botox and the use of fillers. The funny lady often talks about her plastic surgery choices in her routines. Mocking herself, and her sucked-back face. Yet despite being the butt of her own jokes, she doesn’t appear to being slowing down on the procedures. 

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joan rivers plastic surgery

This before and after picture of Joan Rivers shows how her face has changed over the years, starting with her early days as a comedian on the “Tonight Show with Johnny Carson.” 

joan rivers before and after botox

But it’s pictures like this one of Joan Rivers not long after a facelift that leads her audience to feel that the comedian’s use of plastic surgery is anything but funny. River’s facelifts have left her looking unnatural, and quite frankly, uncomfortable.

joan rivers facelift

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