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John Travolta Before And After Hairpiece

John Travolta is another in a long list of Hollywood actors who tries to not be seen without a hairpiece. These actors simply won't admit to being partially, or totally, bald. So despite the fact that most women would say they'd look better if they simply shaved their heads, Travolta and other continue to wear a toupee.

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john travolta hairpeice

John Travolta has played a myriad of characters; a disco-dancing hustler, a cold-blooded murder, he's even played an overweight, overbearing woman. What he refuses to play on camera is bald. This picture clearly shows Travolta’s real hairline.

john travolta hair peice

Despite his age, and despite being caught on camera without his wig, John Travolta prefers to be seen with a full head of hair.

john travolta rug

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