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Julia Roberts Plastic Surgery Before And After Nose Job | Breast Implants

Julia Roberts doesn’t admit to having any plastic surgery, but before and after pictures tell a different tale. She has breast implants and a nose job. Ironically in “Knotting Hill” Robert’s played and actress who confessed to having multiple surgeries to advance her career. Still, Robert’s is close lipped about going under the knife herself. 

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julia roberts plastic surgery

This before and after picture of Julia Roberts shows that, though subtle, the actress has had a nose job. She managed to keep a unique, natural shape to her nose, but her nose is definitely thinner and more defined today than when she was young. It also appears that she had cartilage removed from the tip of her nose, making the tip pointier. 

julia roberts nose job before and after

There’s just no denying that Julia Roberts has had breast implants. This before and after picture says it all. 

julia roberts breast implants

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Julia Roberts Plastic Surgery

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