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Kate Gosselin Plastic Surgery Before And After Facelift

Reality star Kate Gosselin used to make headlines for raising octuplets. Now it’s for her plastic surgery; she’s had a facelift, tummy tuck and breast implants. Of course, her ever-changing (and usually unstylish,) hair cuts have also kept her on tabloid covers. That, and the very public demise of her marriage. 

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kate gosselin plastic surgery

No one can blame Kate Gosselin for opting to have tummy tuck. The human skin can only stretch so far, and after carrying eight babies in her uterus, Gosselin needed help to remove the resulting sag. This before and after picture shows the amazing after body Gosselin achieved after a tummy tuck and a lot of hard work. 

kate gosselin tummy tuck

It’s the extra-large breast implants that Kate Gosselin opted for that got people questioning whether the former reality star was getting too close to the spotlight. This before and after picture shows Gosselin’s move up in cup size. (Gosselin claims the change is due only to a “new bra.”)

kate gosselin breast implants

Kate Gosselin denies having a facelift, but told the Daily Mail that she “will take all of the talk about how rested and young I look as a compliment! So thanks!” These picturs of Gosselin through the years shows the changes.

kate gosselin facelift

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