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Kathryn Morris Plastic Surgery Before And After Botox

Kathryn Morris is a rare case of "did she, or didn't she" have plastic surgery. If she did, it's pretty subtle. Most believe she's at least using Botox. The mid-forties actress should certainly be showing some signs of aging at this point. But her porcelain complexion might be that rare kind that seemingly doesn’t age. (Think Cate Blanchet and Meryl Streep.) It is possible that the actress has been using Botox, proactively, for a long time. Helping her look younger, longer. And, making the effects of the Botox harder to spot. 

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kathryn morris plastic surgery

In this picture of Kathryn Morris, her smile has all the normal lines and wrinkles of a forty-something year old. Though her forehead is wrinkle free – possibly an indication of Botox use. 

Kathryn Morris Botox