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Kathy Wakile Plastic Surgery Before And After Nose Job

Kathy Wakile doesn't seem to fit with the other Real Housewives of New Jersey. But her recent plastic surgery is certainly helping; she had a nose job and lip filler. The normally down-to-earth reality TV persona just doesn’t seem like the type to get plastic surgery. But as she told Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live, she felt it was time. She said she’d broken her nose twice, and wanted to get rid of the bump. While she was at it, she decided to plump the lips as well. Wakile tweeted: “‘Yes folks the big secret is out! I had a nose job and plumped up my lips!! Not hiding anything.” 

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kathy wakile plastic surgery

This before and after picture of Kathy Wakile shows the results of her plastic surgery. Wakile talked about her nose job in this tweet: “FYI. I only had the bump removed I didn't make my nose smaller! Did u know as u get older ur nose & ears continue 2 grow !!!! Glad I have little ears.”

kathy wakile after plastic surgery

You can see the results of Wakile’s lip filler in this before and after picture. Her top lip has the telltale “duck bill” look of someone using fillers.

kathy wakile before and after nose job