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Keith Urban Plastic Surgery Before And After Teeth | Facelift

There are few before and after plastic surgery pictures as surprising as that of Keith Urban. It's not his facelift that's the shocker though; it's his teeth. It’s hard to believe that someone who is so handsome today, and widely considered a sex symbol, could look so….ah, so not handsome. But before Urban had (what must have been extreme) dental work, he simply was not a good looking man. There’s just no other way to say it. Well, we’ll stipulate that his choice of hairstyles wasn’t helping him either. It’s rumored that the not-quite-fifty year old has also recently had a facelift. Before and after pictures do show a marked difference in his face recently. However, the singer also went through a stint in rehab not long ago. So, the changes could be the upside of clean, healthy living. (Or, they could be the upside of talented plastic surgeon.)

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keith urban plastic surgery

This shocking before and after picture of Keith Urban shows a face that probably would never have gotten a date with, his now wife, Nicole Kidman. The effects of his dental work, and his new teeth, cannot be overstated. 

keith urban teeth

But it’s pictures like this one that lead to speculation that the singer has had more serious plastic surgery lately. The changes in his overall skin tone, and tightness have lead many to believe that the singer had a facelift.

keith urban facelift