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Kendra Wilkinson Plastic Surgery Before And After Breast Implants

If plastic surgery is common among supermodels, breast implants are the norm among Playboy bunnies. Kendra Wilkinson is no exception. In fact, Wilkinson has had breast augmentation more than once.  But unlike many others in the public eye, Wilkinson admits to both procedures.

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kendra wilkinson breast implants

Just before moving into the Playboy Mansion and becoming a cast member of the show “The Girls Next Door,” Kendra Wilkinson had her first breast implants. She says she worked two jobs to pay for her new 34-D breast size. After the birth, and subsequent breast feeding of her first child, Wilkinson stated publicly that she was planning a second procedure.

kendra wilkinson plastic surgery

Though Kendra Wilkinson has been very open (on many fronts) about her breast implants, she hasn’t publicly acknowledged any other plastic surgery. A closer examination of before and after pictures may show that she had a nose job early in her career.

kendra wilkinson nose job

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