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Kim Kardashian Plastic Surgery Nose Job | Breast Implants | Butt Implants | Botox

Kim Kardashian is no stranger to plastic surgery; she's had a nose job, breast implants and possibly butt implants. She's also had the new vampire facelift. Not surprisingly, it’s the last procedure that’s causing the biggest stir. (Well, that and the possible butt implant since Kardashian’s derrière can be credited as the source of fame.) The new “vampire facelift” is a costly procedure ($1,500) and is touted as a way to rejuvenate the complexion, stimulate the production of collagen, and reduce the signs of fine lines. Kardashian kicked off the vampire facelift craze by tweeting a picture of herself, post-procedure. Now it’s all the rage in Hollywood. Apparently if it’s good enough for Kim….

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kim kardashian plastic surgery

This before and after picture of Kim Kardashian shows her less controversial, and far less surprising plastic surgery; her breast implants. 

kim kardashian breast implants

Kim tweeted this picture of herself out after having the new plastic surgery treatment called the "vampire facelift."

kim kardashian vampire facelift

In this before and after picture of Kim Kardashian the effects of her nose job are clear. Kardashian had her nose shortened, and the tip refined.

Kim Kardashian Nose Job

The the backside that launched a thousand sex tapes. This before and after picture of Kim Kardashian might suggest that she has butt implants.

kim kardashian butt implants

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