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Lady Gaga Plastic Surgery Before And After Nose Job | Breast Implants

Lady Gaga is known for her ability to shock and surprise. Most would be surprised to see her before plastic surgery -- she's had a nose job and breast implants. The singer, who reinvents herself regularly for her career, reinvented her look not long after becoming famous. For the ever-evolving celebrity, changes are just part of the act.

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Lady Gaga Plastic Surgery

Probably the most impact cosmetic change Lady Gaga has made comes in the form of a nose job. This before and after picture of Gaga’s nose shows how this simply rhinoplasty completely transformed the singer’s face.

lady gaga nose job

Less surprising, and less impactful, is Lady Gaga’s breast implants, seen in this before and after picture.

lady gaga breast implants

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Lady Gaga Plastic Surgery

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