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Leslie Ash Plastic Surgery Before And After Lip Augmentation

Leslie Ash is a cautionary tale when it comes to plastic surgery; and it's a tale she's telling publicly. Ash explains that her lip augmentation was botched. Despite going to a doctor she knew (a family friend), Ash’s lips were filled with silicone rather than collagen, leaving her with what came to be called her “trout pout.” Ash explained that after turning 40 she wanted to look more like Meg Ryan. (This is already problematic, since Ryan also falls into the cautionary tale category.) Making things worse, Ash had the procedure performed at a friend’s house. The icing on her botched plastic surgery cake; the silicone cannot be removed. Almost a decade later, Ash’s lips are still swollen and misshaped. 

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leslie ash plastic surgery

This picture shows the silicone in Ash’s upper lip following her botched plastic surgery. 

leslie ash lip augmentation