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Linda Evangelista Plastic Surgery Before And After Botox

Super model Linda Evangelista has been glamming up magazines since the 80's. Shockingly, she hasn't had much plastic surgery. Not so shocking, she's using Botox. Evangelista may be one of the few super models to have earned her place in front of the camera the old fashion way; being born beautiful. But even the beautiful age eventually, and this beauty is no exception. Though, to her credit, she’s doing so gracefully. Gracefully, and with the help of a few injections. Pictures show that Linda Evangelista is now using Botox to maintain her pretty face.

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linda evangelista plastic surgery

This current picture shows evidence that Evangelista has started using Botox. Despite her age (almost 50), she has practically no wrinkles around her eyes, mouth or on her forehead. 

linda evangelista botox