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Linda Evans Plastic Surgery Before And After Facelift

Television icon of the 80’s, Linda Evans has turned to plastic surgery in an attempt to turn back time. Evans had a facelift and is probably using Botox and fillers. Most well known for her role as Krystle Karrington in “Dynasty,” Evans is television royalty. Though the procedures she had is invasive (and obvious) to date, she still looks like the actress audiences fell in love with. 

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linda evans plastic surgery

This before and after picture shows Linda Evans facelift. In the ‘after’ picture, Evans face is obviously more full, and lacking in the wrinkles and lines that would be expected in the face of someone over seventy years old. 

Linda Evans Before And After Plastic Surgery

This picture of Linda Evans shows the telltale signs of a facelift. Beyond the lack of wrinkles, Evans face appears pulled back, causing her lips to appear larger, and her smile broader than they did before her plastic surgery.

linda evans facelift

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Linda Evans Plastic Surgery

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