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Lindsay Lohan Plastic Surgery Before And After Breast Implants | Botox

Once cute, child-star Lindsay Lohan turned to plastic surgery first to help mature her image by having breast implants. Since then she's had Botox injections in an attempt to undue the damage her unhealthy behavior has had on her skin and overall appearance. 

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lindsay lohan plastic surgery

It’s possible that Lindsay Lohan has had multiple breast implant procedures preformed. This before and after shows a “before” figure that already appears enhanced, but it’s nothing compared to the “after” bra size. 

lindsay lohan breast implants

It’s speculated that Lindsay Lohan had a nose job. This before and after picture may show a slight narrowing of the bridge of her nose. 

lindsay lohan nose job

Sadly, Lindsay Lohan’s lifestyle has taken a toll on her appearance that plastic surgery may not be able to fix. Even with the Botox use, the actress looks well older than her twenty-something age.

Lindsay Lohan Botox

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Lindsay Lohan Plastic Surgery

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