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Liv Tyler Plastic Surgery Before And After Botox

Liv Tyler is known for her smile, so of course, this has led to speculation that her smile, and her look, is aided by plastic surgery. (Botox, lip fillers) With so many women in Hollywood desperate to get a pouty smile, it makes sense that many question the origin of Tyler’s smile. But before and after pictures of the young actress, dating back to high school, show that her smile hasn’t changed as she’s aged. What also hasn’t changed; the lines on her face. The now mid-thirties actress has yet to develop any lines or wrinkles around her eyes, forehead or her famous smile. So, though the smile may be real, the lack of wrinkles is surely thanks to plastic surgery. 

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liv tyler plastic surgery

This picture of Liv Tyler shows clear signs of Botox use. Despite the broad smile, and crinkled nose, Tyler shows no signs of wrinkles around her eyes or on her forehead.

liv tyler after botox