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Loni Anderson Plastic Surgery Before And After Breast Reduction

Loni Anderson has a surprising, and a not so surprising, story when it comes to plastic surgery. The aging actress has had a facelift and a breast reduction. Anderson came to fame in the 70’s sitcom “WKRP in Cincinnati,” where she played a sexy receptionist, a character whose storyline often revolved around her flash, and her figure. But since that time, Anderson has toned things down, including taking down her cup size. It’s reported that Anderson had her breast reduction in 1995, taking her measurements down from a 37D to a more reasonable 36 inches. In a less surprising move for an aging Hollywood actress, Anderson also had a facelift sometime in the last few years. 

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loni anderson plastic surgery

This before and after picture shows Loni Anderson’s new figure, post-breast reduction. 

loni anderson brest reduction

In this picture you can see the results of what looks like a facelift. Loni Anderson’s face appears tighter, and smoother, most likely due to plastic surgery. 

loni anderson facelift