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Maria Shriver Plastic Surgery Before And After Botox

Journalist and daughter of Eunice Kennedy, Maria Shriver has slowed the signs of aging by relying on plastic surgery. Shriver is using Botox. There is lot’s of speculation that Shriver has had more invasive procedures like facelifts or brow lifts, but before and after pictures seem to show that this is not the case. Though Shriver is definitely taking advantage of injectables, she doesn’t appear to have had any extreme plastic surgery.

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maria shriver plastic surgery

These pictures of Maria Shriver show the effects of Botox injections, most notably in her forehead. Though Shriver has lines on her cheeks when she smiles (an indication that she’s probably not using fillers) there are no lines whatsoever on her forehead. 

Maria Shriver Botox

Again these pictures of Maria Shriver further prove the point that, though she’s using Botox, Shriver hasn’t had any major plastic surgery like a facelift

maria shriver filler

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Maria Shriver Plastic Surgery

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