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Marie Osmond Plastic Surgery Before And After Facelift | Botox | Filler

Despite Marie Osmond’s strict Mormon upbringing, the singer-actress hasn’t abstained from plastic surgery. Osmond has had a facelift and Botox injections that have changed her face over the years. The plastic surgery has done more than stave off the signs of aging, the shape of Osmond’s face has changed since she started looking to plastic surgery to help maintain her looks. 

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marie osmond plastic surgery

This before and after picture of Marie Osmond shows how she looks younger in 2009, thanks to a facelift, than she did just few years earlier. Her face is free of wrinkles and lines. Even her neck is tighter, possibly indicating a neck lift. 

marie osmond before and after

But it’s the Botox and filler use that is changing Marie Osmond’s face the most. This picture shows how, due to the extensive filler use, Osmond’s face is starting to change shape. 

marie osmond botox

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