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Mary Louise Parker Plastic Surgery Before And After Nose Job

Actress Mary Louise Parker has gone a bit overboard on the plastic surgery. It's believed that she's had a nose job along with excessive Botox and fillers. As the star of the TV series “Weeds,” viewers got to see the progression of Parker’s Botox and filler use as her face changed from season to season. By the eighth and final season of the show, Parker’s face was almost completely frozen from Botox, affecting the way she spoke and her acting ability. 

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mary louise parker plastic surgery

This before and after picture of Mary Louise Parker shows how, thanks to Botox, her face hasn’t changed much through the decades. She has no more wrinkles or lines today than she did in the 1980’s. 

mary louise parker botox

It’s speculated that Mary Louise Parker has had a nose job. Although it’s possible, there aren’t many pictures that back up this plastic surgery claim. Although this before and after picture may show that Parker’s nose is slightly more narrow today, this apparent difference could simply be due to the “before” picture being too dark.

mary louise parker nose job

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Mary Louise Parker Plastic Surgery

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