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Mary Tyler Moore Plastic Surgery Before And After Facelift

Mary Tyler Moore was the face of feminism in the 70's. Now her face is practically unrecognizable thanks to excessive plastic surgery and facelifts. Playing Mary Richards in the show named after her, Moore was one of the first single, professional, female, leads on television. (This after playing the stereotypical housewife in “The Dick Van Dyke Show.”) Her character bucked the system, and what was expected of a woman of that time. Moore’s choices when it comes to plastic surgery, however, are anything but revolutionary. Over the years she has had repeated facelifts, and possibly other procedures, in an attempt to retain her youth. Unfortunately, the facelifts have left her looking oddly frozen, puffy, and nothing like herself. 

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mary tyler moore plastic surgery

This before and after picture of Mary Tyler Moore shows the effects of her many facelifts. It’s possible Moore has had other procedures as well, like cheek implants or fat grafting.

mary tyler moore before and after facelift