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Megan Fox Plastic Surgery Nose Job | Breast Implants | Botox

Megan Fox makes many “sexiest women” lists. Not surprisingly, there's speculation she's had plastic surgery, specifically a nose job, breast implants, Botox. Actually, the rumors go well beyond that list and include everything from liposuction to brow lifts to practically speculating that she was once a man. When it comes to this beauty, people don’t want to believe that any of it’s real. Maybe it makes us mere mortals feel better about ourselves to believe that no one could look that good, naturally.

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megan fox plastic surgery

There is case to be made that Megan Fox has had a nose job. This before and after picture of Fox does show some signs of plastic surgery. The picture on the right shows a more sculpted nose. 

megan fox nose job

Though there aren’t many “before” pictures showing Megan Fox with anything less than a perfect figure, most pictures do make it appear as though her figure has been enhanced by breast implants.

megan fox breast implants

As to Botox, who knows? However, Fox seems to want the public to know that she isn’t using it. 

megan fox botox

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