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Melissa Gorga Plastic Surgery Before And After Nose Job | Breast Implants

Reality TV personality Melissa Gorga is anything but real when it comes plastic surgery. She disputes rumors that she’s had a nose job or breast implants. She’s one of the few “Real Housewives” cast members who’s been tight lipped about plastic surgery. Which is rather silly, since before and after pictures tell a clear story; Melissa has gone under the knife several times.

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melissa gorga plastic surgery

This picture of a young Melissa Gorga answers the “did she, or didn’t she have a nose job” question. This nose is significantly broader than her current nose. Putting to bed the debate; Gorga has had a nose job. 

melissa gorga before nose job

The other procedure Melissa Gorga denies having is breast implants. We don’t need a “before” picture to prove that this “after” shot is a picture of woman with breast implants. Her small, thin frame simply could not naturally have breasts this big, and perfectly round. Once again, put the debate to bed; Gorga has breast implants. 

melissa gorga breast implants