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Melissa Rivers Plastic Surgery Before And After Facelift | Botox

Melissa Rivers has chosen to follow in her famous mother’s footsteps when it comes to plastic surgery. The forty-something actress has already had a facelift. The daughter of comedian Joan Rivers, Melissa has been around plastic surgery all of her life. Her mother began having procedures as early as 1965. (eye lift) Now it appears Melissa is not far behind her mother with a facelift, Botox and possible filler use, all under her belt (and skin) before she hits fifty.

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melissa rivers plastic surgery

These before and after pictures of Melisa Rivers through the years show how her face has changed thanks to plastic surgery. She appears to have gotten younger, almost “Benjamin Button” style as time progressed. Her face is tighter, and she has fewer lines in the more recent pictures. This is most likely due to a facelift (if not a full facelift, then a mini-lift) Botox use and fillers. 

melissa rivers facelift

This picture of a 42-year-old Melissa Rivers, smiling broadly, shows obvious signs of Botox and filler use. Despite the full smile, Rivers has virtually no wrinkles. 

melissa rivers botox