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Michael Jackson Plastic Surgery Before And After Nose Job | Botox

Michael Jackson took plastic surgery to an extreme. Even normally simple procedures like his nose job and Botox, were performed so often that it left the singer looking freakish. The rock legend started changing his looks in the 80’s, first with a simple nose job that narrowed the then wide bridge of his nose. It’s hard to say how many procedures Jackson had over the years, but by the time he was done, he bore little resemblance to the child-singer the world fell in love with in the 1970’s. 

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michael jackson plastic surgery

This before and after picture of Michael Jackson shows how extreme even his nose jobs were. Jackson took advantage of everything plastic surgery had to offer, and then some. 

michael jackson nose job

Michael Jackson’s Botox use is evident in almost every picture of him as an adult. It’s as though his face was frozen for the last few decades of his life. 

michael jackson botox