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Michelle Pfeiffer Plastic Surgery Before After Nose Job | Botox

Michelle Pfieffer denies having any plastic surgery; yet. (It’s believed she has had a nose job and Botox.) Considered one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood, Pfieffer says she has no issues with plastic surgery. She told the “Daily Mail” that she’s “all for a little something here and there.” But she denies she’s had anything anywhere, so far.

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michelle pfeiffer plastic surgery

Despite her claims of not going under the knife yet, these before and after pictures of Michelle Pfieffer make it appear as though she may have had a nose job. The bridge of her nose has narrowed significantly over the years, and the tip of her nose appears more defined now than when she was young. 

michelle pfeiffer nose job before and after

Although Michelle Pfieffer may be using Botox periodically, she hasn’t been heavy-handed with the treatments. This picture shows natural forehead lines and crow’s feet expected of someone in their mid-fifties. The actress says she has no problem with Botox, as long as it doesn’t leave people with the frozen-face look.

michelle pfeiffer botox

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