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Nicole Kidman Plastic Surgery Before And After Botox | Breast Implants

After years of denying it, Australian-born actress Nicole Kidman finally admitted to plastic surgery. (Well sort of.)  After her surprising divorce in 2001 from then husband Tom Cruise, Kidman began transforming her career, and ultimately her face. In early films like “Days of Thunder” and “Dead Calm” Kidman is a lightly freckled, natural beauty. Despite her flat chest, an unruly head of red ringlets, she was the perfect leading lady.

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nicole kidman plastic surgery

The early plastic surgery appears in the thinning of her nose. Shortly after, the media speculated that her perfect porcelain skin looked flawless thanks to copious amounts of Botox. A claim she denied until 2011

nicole kidman nose job

Nicole Kidman’s breast implants however, are hard to deny. (Though she still does.) There simply isn’t a push-up bra in the world that can make these kinds of enhancements. 

nicole kidman before breast implants

nicole kidman breast implants

Harder to deny still, and even more difficult to understand, are Kidman’s lip injections. Like many over-forty actresses, Kidman’s lips seem to grow with age. What was once a perfectly normal, perfectly pretty smile, now verges on the grotesque.  

nicole kidman before and after lip injections

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