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Nikki Cox Plastic Surgery Before And After Botox | Lip Filler

Nikki Cox, known for multiple TV roles, is now also known for multiple plastic surgery procedures. The actress is overusing Botox and lip fillers. Over the last few years, her use of lip fillers has changed the look of her face, and leaving her looking anything but natural.

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nikki cox plastic surgery

This before and after picture of actress Nikki Cox shows the drastic difference in the shape and size of her lips. Both her upper and lower lips and larger and more puffed than their natural state.

nikki cox lip filler

This picture of Nikki Cox shows the telltale signs of Botox use. Despite the actress smiling broadly, her forehead shows no sign of movement or wrinkles -- which is a stong sign that she had plastic surgery.

nikki cox botox

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Nikki Cox Plastic Surgery

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