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Olivia Newton John Plastic Surgery Before And After Facelift

Olivia Newton John came to fame in the US as the fresh-faced Sandy, in the movie "Grease." But after some recent plastic surgery and a facelift, John is looking anything but fresh. It’s even rumored that her former co-star, John Travolta, was enlisted to help talk some sense into her. According to the “National Inquirer,” Travolta is able to talk straight with Olivia, and he tried to convince the aging actress that plastic surgery was hurting her looks, not helping them. Okay, we realize this isn’t a credible news source. But, if Travolta didn’t actually try to talk some sense into her, we hope someone has. 

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olivia newton john plastic surgery

This picture of Olivia Newton John has all the telltale signs of plastic surgery, most likely a facelift. It’s also possible that John is using fillers to plump her cheeks, and injectable like Botox on her forehead. 

olivia newton john after facelift

olivia newton john plastic surgery

It appears that Olivia Newton John has also had a neck lift. Whether this procedure was done at the same time as her facelift is unclear. Though the results of the plastic surgery are obvious in this before and after picture. John's chin is more defined and her neck no longer sags.

olivia newton john facelift

Though Olivia Newton John has had fewer procedures than many other celebrities her age, the results of her facelift leave her looking just as "worked on."

olivia newton john after facelift

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