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Oprah Winfrey Plastic Surgery Before And After Nose Job

Oprah Winfrey is pretty open about her life, but the one thing she doesn't talk about is plastic surgery. So the debate, and speculation, continues about whether Oprah has had a nose job. These before and after pictures of Oprah Winfrey make it appear as though she’s had a nose job. However, even top plastic surgeons admit that the change could be due to a very skilled make-up artist. 

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oprah winfrey plastic surgery

oprah winfrey before and after

In side-by-side comparisons of Oprah Winfrey with and without makeup, it does appear that make-up changes the appearance of her nose. Do you think this change is the result of makeup or plastic surgery?

oprah winfrey nose job

However, these very early pictures of Oprah Winfrey make it hard to believe that there hasn’t been some form of rhinoplasty performed. 

oprah winfrey before plastic surgery

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Oprah Winfrey Plastic Surgery

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