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Pamela Anderson Plastic Surgery Before And After Breast Implants | Botox

Pamela Anderson is one in a long list of actress who built a career around her breast implants. Anderson used plastic surgery to launch a successful acting career. The “Baywatch” star and Playboy bunny model is known for her body (which clearly took discipline to maintain), and her chest (which was clearly took breast implants to create). Over the years, Anderson has added Botox to the list of ways she’s enhancing her appearance. 

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pamela anderson plastic surgery

This before and after picture shows the extreme change in Pamela Anderson’s figure after breast implants. The petite actress and model had her breasts augmented to a size that is anything but fitting for her frame. 

pamela anderson breast implants

As she’s gotten older, Pamela Anderson has also turned to Botox and fillers in an attempt to maintain a youthful appearance. This recent before and after picture shows the telltale signs of both plastic surgery procedures, mainly a forehead that appears frozen and a lack of smile lines around the mouth. 

pamela anderson botox