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Paris Hilton Plastic Surgery Before And After Boob Job | Nose Job

Paris Hilton is famous for being the heir to the Hilton Hotel fortune, and for her past plastic surgery. Hilton has had a boob job and more than one nose job. Of course, she also makes the news for being famous for not really doing anything worth being famous for. 

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paris hilton plastic surgery

These before and after pictures show Paris Hilton’s various nose jobs. She’s had at least two nose jobs, shortening and narrowing her nose. Her current (and hopefully last) nose now has a sharp, pointy tip.

paris hilton nose job

Paris Hilton also has obvious breast implants. This before and after picture cannot be explained by a good push-up bra; only plastic surgery can make this kind of change. 

paris hilton breast implants

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Paris Hilton Plastic Surgery

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