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Patricia Heaton Plastic Surgery Before And After Breast Reduction | Botox

Patricia Heaton is very open about maintaining her post-forty figure through plastic surgery. She's had a Tummy tuck, Botox, and even breast reduction surgery. The “Everybody Loves Raymond” star says she doesn’t want women to think less of themselves, so she shares how she’s keeping up appearances….with the help of a good plastic surgeon.

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patricia heaton plastic surgery

  It’s rumored that Patricia Heaton has had a nose job. A claim she disputes. Based on how openly, and honestly she talks about plastic surgery, we tend to believe her. The slight differences seen in pictures like this before and after, can easily be explained with makeup. 

patricia heaton nose job

Patricia Heaton has also had breast reduction, visible in this before and after picture.

Patricia Heaton Breast Reduction

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