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Patrick Dempsey Plastic Surgery Before And After Nose Job

Patrick Dempsey went from cute child actor to “McDreamy” after a little plastic surgery. Dempsey had a nose job that completely changed his face. Like Tom Cruise, Dempsey had a nose job that left the nose a little imperfect. Helping the actors look a little more rugged, and little less a product of plastic surgery.

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patrick dempsey plastic dempsey

This before and after picture shows the results of Patrick Dempsey’s nose job. He had his nose shortened, narrowed and had cartilage removed from the tip. The crooked look is believed to be a strategic decision to make the actor look naturally handsome.

patrick dempsey nose job

Whether a strategic decision to make his nose imperfect, or the result the of an accident that he never talks about, Patrick Dempsey’s new nose works on his old face.

patrick dempsey after nose job