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Priscilla Presley Plastic Surgery Before And After Botox

Priscilla Presley had the face rock legend Elvis Presley fell in love with. A face so altered by plastic surgery, facelifts and Botox that it’s practically unrecognizable now. The only wife of the rock legend, Presley remained in the spotlight even after the divorce and the death of Elvis. She built an acting and modeling career. Unfortunately, she wasn’t brave enough to age gracefully, and now her plastic surgery choices are most likely hurting her career opportunities. 

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priscilla presley plastic surgery

This picture of, the now almost seventy, Priscilla Presley shows clear signs of Botox and filler use. Her skin is unnaturally smooth, and tight, for her age. The uneven puffiness of the cheeks is a sure sign of filler use. 

priscilla presley facelift

This before and after picture of Priscilla Presley shows the extent of her plastic surgery and facelifts. Presley’s face is now almost unrecognizable, and oddly misshapen. 

priscilla presley botox