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Queen Latifah Plastic Surgery Before And After Breast Reduction

Queen Latifah has stayed true to her roots. She’s mostly stayed true to her natural looks; she’s had little plastic surgery other than a breast reduction. The rapper, turned actress, turned producer, turned talk show host could have chosen the path most do in Hollywood…reinventing their looks along with their career. Queen Latifah chose a different path. She told “People” magazine that she got the breast reduction primarily to alleviate back and shoulder pain. She said, ““I didn’t want to get it. But I had lost 25 pounds and my breasts didn’t go anywhere! I was still carrying that load.”

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queen latifah plastic surgery

This picture of Queen Latifah, in her role in the film “Chicago,” shows her figure pre-breast reduction and pre-plastic surgery. It’s easy to imagine the back pain the Latifah described that led to her breast reduction. 

Queen Latifah Before Breast Reduction

This before and after picture shows the results of Queen Latifah’s breast reduction.

queen latifah breast reduction