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Rachael Ray Plastic Surgery Before And After Botox

Rachel Ray has had several surgeries on her vocal cords recently. It appears she's had plastic surgery in her past too; a nose job and Botox. Ray is famous for her “yum-o” 30-minute meal preparations. Over the years, the famous chef, author and now talk show host, may have cooked up a new look as well. Though her appearance hasn’t changed greatly since she came on the TV scene, early pictures of Ray show a dramatically different nose than the one we see today.

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rachael ray plastic surgery

This early picture of Rachel Ray leaves no doubt that the television personality had some early plastic surgery. Sometime before Ray began appearing on “30-Minute Meals,” she had a nose job.

rachael ray before nose job

Not surprisingly, Rachel Ray may be getting Botox injections. In this unflattering picture (sorry Rachel) her face looks suspiciously smooth despite the facial expression. Though some lines are apparent on her forehead, it’s a pretty safe bet that she’s using Botox. 

rachael ray botox

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Rachael Ray Plastic Surgery

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