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Rachel Bilson Plastic Surgery Before And After Nose Job

Actress Rachel Bilson has been rumored to have had plastic surgery at a very young age. People believe that Bilson has had a nose job. But that may just be a case of sour grapes. Bilson is one of those girls who appear to have everything. She grew up in a Hollywood home, and made her television debut at a young age, in a show that went on to be a hit. For Bilson, everything seems to come easily. That makes it easier for other to believe that some of it has to be fake. Like her face. Though before and after pictures of Bilson seem to show that this born-under-a-lucky star actress, may be just that; lucky. She was born with good looks.

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rachel bilson plastic surgery

This before and after picture, showing a very young Rachel Bilson, does not show any of the typical indication of plastic surgery. Bilson’s nose appears the same today as it did when she was young. 

rachel bilson before and after nose job