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Rob Estes Plastic Surgery Before And After Facelift

Rob Estes doesn't take many bad pictures. When he does, it's used as proof of plastic surgery. A recent unflattering pic has been cited as proof of a facelift. But even handsome celebrities can have bad days, and take bad pictures. Doesn’t mean they’ve actually, physically, altered their appearance. It’s doubtful that the 90’s heart throb, best known for his roles in “Melrose Place,” and “90210” has had a facelift. 

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rob estes plastic surgery

This is the before and after picture used to show Rob Estes’ supposed plastic surgery. Looks less like the actor had a facelift, and more like he had some bad sushi. 

rob estes after facelift

This, more current, before and after picture of Estes shows a face that looks to have aged without the help of a facelift. 

rob estes facelift