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Rose McGowan Plastic Surgery Before And After Botox

Rose McGowan is one of Hollywood’s worst abusers of Botox. Despite her young age and natural beauty, this actress can’t stop with the plastic surgery. Few young actresses, known more for their beauty than their acting ability, have made so many unnecessary changes to their appearance. Even after receiving such overwhelmingly bad press on the subject. 

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rose mcgowan plastic surgery

This before and after picture of Rose McGowan shows the startling, and disturbing, results of the overuse of Botox. After the plastic surgery, McGowan’s face appears distorted; the eyebrows unnaturally high, the cheeks and lips puffed beyond recognition and the face frozen. 

rose mcgowan botox

After some recent weight loss, Rose McGowan’s Botox use becomes even more apparent. (And no less disturbing.) This before and after picture shows the results of the Botox; a face awkwardly frozen. 

rose mcgowan after botox

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