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Ryan Gosling Plastic Surgery Before And After Nose Job

Ryan Gossling’s plastic surgery helped him nab “People Magazine’s” sexiest man alive title. It doesn’t appear Gosling has had a lot of work done, but his nose job has made all the difference in his overall appearance. No doubt as he ages Ryan Gosling will look to Botox to slow the progression of wrinkles and lines. For now, however, it seems that his nose job is the only real adjustment Gosling has made to his face. As you can see in this before and after picture, Gosling reduced the bump on the top of his nose, thinned the nose and may have had is shortened slightly.

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ryan gosling plastic surgery

This before and after photo shows the clear distinction that his nose job made.

ryan gossling nose job

Ryan Gosling after his nose job.

Ryan Gosling After Plastic Surgery

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Ryan Gosling Plastic Surgery

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