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Ryan Seacrest Plastic Surgery Before And After Nose Job

Ryan Seacrest had a face for radio, until he had a little plastic surgery. The former radio DJ turned American Idol host has had a nose job. He’s also clearly spent a good bit of time in the gym getting his body in shape to match is new, handsome face. 

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ryan seacrest plastic surgery

Ryan Seacrest had a nose job sometime in his late teens or twenties. Although the change isn’t major, the differences can be spotted in before and after pictures like these. After plastic surgery, Seacrest’s nose has the pinched look -- popular in Hollywood. 

ryan seacrest nose job

This before and after picture also highlights the difference in the tip of Ryan Seacrest’s nose. Along with the new pinched look, Seacrest’s nose is narrower across the bridge. 

ryan seacrest before and after plastic surgery

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Ryan Seacrest Plastic Surgery

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